Elopement on Isle of Skye

Talking about spectacular places, the Isle of Skye is on top of our list. This place is insanely beautiful and being able to photograph an Elopement on Isle of Skye was like a dream come true. Alina and Timm decided to run away from the stress of a traditional wedding and made what every couple should do: make their wedding about them.
These guys decided to start their adventure in a cozy little house somewhere in the Highlands where we all had an amazing time and learned a bit about the surrounding.

How to prepare for an Elopement on Isle of Skye?

To start their day right, these two separated from each other in different parts of the house and prepared everything for their big day. Candida spent some time with Alina and took some beautiful portraits of her getting ready and also some pictures of all her important little details. The dress she choose was from Kiligdress, a german designer specialized in wild Boho Dresses. Max Jan stayed with Timm and they also took some shots of the details as well as some portraits of the groom. Both of them wrote their vows on that morning too, which we absolutely loved. The stunning bridal bouquet was created by Barbara from Wild Flower Workshop who has an amazing atelier in Glasgow.

Their wedding on Isle of Skye

It was quiet a little adventure to get up to Isle of Skye but so worth the drive. We had to spent some time in the car and finally got so excited when we arrived. Actually we expected the weather to be rainy and moody but found ourselves surrounded by sunshine. Really, there was nothing but sunshine... This day was one of the sunniest day you could imagine which was quiet funny, as these guys we actually looking for a more moody and rough weather. But that didn't hold them up from getting married on Isle of Skye. We drove up the narrow little street to the Quiraing and when we got up there the view we had was spectacular and these guys we ready for their Elopement on Ilse of Skye in Scotland.

Getting married on Isle of Skye

They choose the Quiraing as location for their wedding. The Quiraing is situated in the north of Skye in the area known as ‘Trotternish’. As part of the Trotternish ridge it has been formed by a massive landslip which has created high cliffs, hidden plateaus and pinnacles of rock. The access is pretty easy we were able to reach it very quickly.
Alina and Timm decided to exchange their vows near the cliffs with that spectacular landscape of Isle of Skye behind them.

Congratulations guys. We loveed to be part on your Elopement Isle of Skye.

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