Rustic Barn Wedding at Boudier and Koeller

Katharina and Nicolas’ Rustic Barn Wedding at Boudier and Koeller

When Nicolas proposed to his Katharina in beautiful Lappland, it was just the beginning of their exciting adventure. Inspired by their engagement in Lappland (the country of deers) and the colors of fall, this couple’s rustic chic barn wedding at Boudier and Koeller was filled with a beautiful mix of greenery, fresh light rose and red colored flowers, and many different textures as well as deer heads. One of many highlights was definitely their stunning stationary. All perfectly designed and created by Nicolas’ family owned packaging company. And we don’t need to mention the lovely bride as well as the handsome groom.

We’re still in love with every little detail of this rustic barn wedding at Boudier and Koeller and the emotion-filled moments.