Mallorca Wedding Photographer

Working as Mallorca Wedding Photographer is one of the best things as we totally fell in love with the beauty of that island. There are a few places where you instantly feel a deep connection but Mallorca really stole our hearts. If you feel the same connection to Mallorca as we do we can guarantee you the best experience of your life.
So, let’s dive in and make this dream a reality.
Maybe you are looking for a rustic Finca wedding or an intimate wedding somewhere up the mountains with just your beloved ones both options will work perfectly well with your plan to celebrate a unique wedding on Mallorca. Due to working as a wedding photographer in Mallorca we were able to be an active part of weddings and made some great experiences that we love to share with you just because we think you could need some guidance. So, don’t worry. We are here to help!

In this inspiration, we wanted to show the possibilities when choosing to celebrate in a private Finca which is, in our opinion, one of the best possibilities as you will have enough space for everyone to enjoy the feel of Mallorca. As you can see, we decided to put the table setup somewhere outside in the shade of the trees to give the scene a natural and cozy vibe.  The rentals are from Tot a Punt Catering and the flowers are from Marga from De Blanc. Both vendors are located in Mallorca. The stationary design is formed by Andrea Wolf and was printed from Pimp your Wedding. The beautiful styling was done by Alica Wagner and the amazing dress came from Bridal Boutique in Heidelberg.

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