Planning Your Dream Wedding in Greece

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19. June 2023


Imagine the vibrant hues of a Grecian sunset as you exchange vows, the azure sea as your backdrop, and the ancient, storied landscapes bearing witness to your love. A “wedding in Greece” is not just a ceremony; it’s a beginning of a journey steeped in history, romance, and enchanting beauty. The picturesque country offers a unique mix of ancient culture, modern amenities, and scenic splendors that make it an unparalleled destination for your most special day.

Overview of Getting Married in Greece

So, is Greece a good place to get married? The answer is a resounding yes. Whether it’s the sandy beaches, charming villages, the sumptuous cuisine, or the warm hospitality, Greece provides a perfect setting for a memorable wedding.

The diversity in locales is another compelling reason to consider Greece for your nuptials. You can choose from the vibrant and dynamic “weddings in Crete”, with its spellbinding beaches and ancient ruins. Alternatively, a “Santorini wedding” might appeal to you if you’re looking for a celebration with a stunning caldera and a world-famous sunset as your backdrop.

“Corfu wedding venues” offer a blend of Greek culture with Italian influences, encapsulated in their Venetian-style architecture and lush landscapes. If you’re after an amalgamation of history and natural beauty, then “Rhodes wedding venues” are perfect with their medieval sites and azure beaches. For those seeking the vibrancy and glitz of the cosmopolitan lifestyle, “Mykonos wedding” might be more to your liking, with its renowned party scene and pristine beaches.

Whether it’s the allure of saying “I do” under the Greek sun or dancing the night away under a sky full of stars, getting married in Greece promises a unique, elegant, and utterly romantic experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Legal Requirements for Foreigners

Are you dreaming of a destination wedding in Greece but unsure of the legalities? The first question you might be asking is, “Can foreigners get married in Greece?” The answer is a resounding yes. Greece welcomes couples from all over the world to celebrate their special day on its enchanting lands.

However, as with any international affair, certain legal requirements must be considered. So, what documents do you need to get married in Greece?

First, both parties must provide a valid passport or other travel documents. Additionally, you’ll need full birth certificates and certificates of no impediment, or CNI, which is a legal document stating there are no objections to your marriage. In some cases, you may also need a decree absolute if you are divorced or a death certificate if you are widowed.

All of these documents must be officially translated into Greek and authenticated, either with an Apostille stamp under the Hague Convention or through the Greek Consulate in your country.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to check with the local Greek municipality or your country’s Greek embassy for the most accurate and up-to-date information. This way, you can ensure your Greek wedding goes as smoothly as possible.

Pre-wedding Stay

With all the excitement of planning a destination wedding, it’s important not to overlook the practical aspects, such as the timing of your arrival. If you’re considering tying the knot in Greece, you might wonder, “How many days do you have to be in Greece before getting married?”

The answer to this can depend on the specific municipality where you’re getting married. Some areas in Greece require the couple to be present at least a week before the wedding day. This is generally to allow for any necessary paperwork and legal requirements to be processed.

However, it’s always best to confirm this with your chosen venue or a local wedding planner. They can provide the most accurate information based on your specific circumstances and the location of your wedding.

Remember, it’s not just about fulfilling legal requirements. Arriving a little earlier also gives you a chance to settle in, get familiar with the location, and soak up some of the enchanting Grecian atmospheres before your big day.

Wedding in Greece
Wedding in Greece

Costs Involved for your Wedding in Greece

One of the key questions you might have when planning your Greek wedding is, “How much does the average wedding in Greece cost?” The beauty of a wedding in Greece is its flexibility. Whether you want an opulent celebration or a minimalist gathering, Greece can accommodate your needs and budget.

The average cost of a full-scale wedding in Greece can range from around €15,000 to €35,000. This includes everything from venue hire, catering, decorations, and photography to accommodation and transportation. The final cost can fluctuate depending on your chosen location, the scale of the event, the time of year, and the specific services you opt for.

However, for those who prefer a more intimate gathering, a micro wedding in Greece might be a great fit. These smaller celebrations, which usually involve close family and a few friends, can cost significantly less. Expect to budget around €10,000 upwards for a micro wedding, although this can also vary based on your specific choices.

Bear in mind that while planning a wedding in a foreign country might seem daunting financially, the beauty, charm, and memories that a Greek wedding offers are truly priceless.

Best Wedding Venues in Greece

Choosing the perfect location for your special day is crucial, and Greece, with its diverse landscapes and beautiful islands, offers a plethora of choices. When it comes to “wedding venues in Greece,” you are spoiled for choice, whether you desire a beachfront ceremony, a historical setting, or a luxurious resort.

One of the most sought-after destinations is undoubtedly Santorini. “Santorini wedding venues” are renowned for their stunning views, notably the volcanic caldera, and the spectacular sunsets. Picture an intimate ceremony in a whitewashed chapel followed by a reception overlooking the sparkling Aegean Sea, all under the golden glow of a Santorini sunset.

If you are drawn towards rich history and tradition, “Crete wedding venues” may appeal to you. Crete, the largest island in Greece, offers a blend of breathtaking beaches, mountains, and charming rural villages. It has the unique ability to transport you back in time while providing modern, sophisticated facilities for your wedding.

Greece is also home to many other magnificent locations that could compete for the “best places to get married in Greece”. The island of Corfu, with its Venetian-style architecture, the medieval city of Rhodes, and the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, each offer unique experiences, stunning backdrops, and top-class services for your unforgettable day.

In essence, whether you dream of a simple, rustic ceremony or a grand, luxurious celebration, Greece offers a wide array of wedding venues that cater to every taste and preference.

Best Time for Your Wedding in Greece

Timing is everything, especially when planning your dream wedding. When it comes to choosing the ideal date and time for your Greek wedding, there are a couple of key factors to consider.

So, what month is best to get married in Greece? Typically, the most popular times for weddings in Greece are late spring and early autumn, particularly May and September. During these months, the weather is usually warm and sunny, but not as intensely hot as in the peak summer months of July and August. Additionally, these periods tend to be less crowded with tourists, allowing for a more relaxed and intimate celebration.

As for the best time of day to get married in Greece, consider the late afternoon or early evening. This timing allows you to avoid the hottest part of the day and leads beautifully into an evening reception. Moreover, a ceremony timed just before sunset can offer the opportunity for incredible wedding photos with the vibrant hues of a Greek sunset serving as a stunning backdrop.

Remember, each wedding is unique, and the best time for your wedding will depend on your personal preferences and the specifics of your chosen venue and schedule. However, with its generally mild and sunny Mediterranean climate, any wedding in Greece is sure to be bathed in the warm glow of the Grecian sun.

Wedding in Greece


Getting married in Greece offers an enchanting mix of stunning landscapes, ancient history, rich culture, and warm hospitality. From the vibrant beaches of Crete to the breathtaking sunsets in Santorini, each location provides a unique backdrop for your special day.

In particular, “getting married in Santorini” offers a unique experience that combines romance with a dramatic landscape like no other. Imagine saying your vows against the backdrop of a legendary sunset, the Aegean Sea sparkling beneath you, and the world-famous caldera adding a touch of grandeur. With such a panorama, it’s no wonder Santorini weddings are coveted worldwide.

Yet Greece isn’t just about Santorini. The alluring beauty of Crete, the Venetian charm of Corfu, the medieval mystique of Rhodes, and the cosmopolitan vibes of Mykonos – all these and more make Greece a dream destination for any wedding.

In conclusion, whether it’s the captivating venues, the delicious cuisine, the idyllic weather, or the friendly locals, a wedding in Greece is an experience filled with magical moments that you and your partner will treasure for a lifetime. Greece truly is the perfect canvas on which to paint the beginning of your marital journey.

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